Rules for Posting – PLEASE READ!

Posting ads on Tokyo Touch Time is absolutely free, but we do have some important rules that need followed. Please note that failure to follow these rules will result in your account being banned, and in some cases, legal prosecution. So do not ignore these rules. We are dedicated to creating a safe and controlled environment for our users to experience and enjoy.


-You must be 18 years of age or older to post.
-Do NOT SPAM the site. There is no limit to how many ads you can post, but do NOT post the same ad over and over again. Simply renew the ad after it expires. But if the ad is repeatedly posted over and over again before its expiration date, then your account will be banned and you will not be allowed to post on the site anymore.
-Absolutely NO ads that request money for sex or dating or any other type of service. Do not use coded language either (e.g., “200 roses,” etc.). There are sites that you can visit here in Tokyo where you can hire people for paid sexual activity. This is NOT one of those type of sites.
-No ads that deal with or exploit or even mention minors in any way, shape, or form. If you are caught posting an ad that involves the sexual exploitation of minors, we will hand over your information to the authorities in Tokyo, INTERPOL, or anybody else who requests your information in order to proceed with legal prosecution.
-Posts that include links to other sites, or to personal accounts, or anything of this nature are forbidden. Also, no posts that reveal somebody’s private information (e.g., to shame a sex partner publicly, etc.).
-Do not post pictures that contain contact information of any kind.
-Posts that are hateful, or racist, or include ethnic slurs or bigotry, or insensitive rants or ads that make no sense are prohibited.
-Generally anything that is off topic from what category the ads will be included in is prohibited. For example, if you are posting an ad requesting to meet somebody for sex inside of the MEN SEEKING WOMEN category, your ad will likely be removed. Your ad should go in the Casual Encounters section, under m4w. Make sense? Keep the ads related to the categories. MEN SEEKING WOMEN are ads that are looking for dating and relationships, NOT just for casual sex.


– You must be 18 years of age to reply to posts
-Harassment of posters, or pretending to be somebody who you are not is actually illegal in Japan. Please do not reply to ads with the intention of harming the posters via your words or your intended actions. Your information will be turned over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and any other relevant government authorities in order to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.
-Do not spam posters with emails. If you reply to posters, please do so with a message that relates to the ad you are replying too.
-Please understand that when you reply to an ad, you are potentially engaging in dangerous activity with a stranger. Use your brain and use common sense… if it seems like a fraud or somebody is lying in their ad, report them to us immediately.

For both Posters and People who Reply to Ads
Do not meet people from this site unless you are sure they are okay to meet. We live in a shitty world with a lot of stupid idiots who would seek to harm and hurt innocent people like yourself who are looking for sex or love, so be smart and take the time to know the people you are talking to on this site. Also, practice safe sex with those who you meet! You do not want to catch some STD from somebody you meet on any dating site, let alone this site. Or worse can happen… don’t let yourself become a statistic. Remember… we WANT you to have a good time, but don’t be naive when it comes to your love life or your sex life. Have fun meeting people here, and please feel free to talk to us about your experiences, so that we can learn on how to make this site better and more useful to those who reside in Tokyo or are visiting Japan and are seeking a good time while they are here. And also… please respect the laws of Japan, and the Japanese people who live here. It’s easy to get into huge misunderstandings with Japanese people if you haven’t taken the time to learn about how things are done in Japan, and how relationships and sexual activity is viewed by Japanese society. What is acceptable in your country may not be acceptable in this country. And if you can’t speak Japanese, it may also be difficult to understand the situation you are entering into when you meet a Japanese person here on this site. Be sure to communicate directly and clearly and to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Everybody is different in the world, so be aware that those you meet here are 100% going to be different than you. So learn to respect those differences and in doing so, you may just meet the love of your life, or the perfect sex partner, or at the very least, you’ll stay out of jail!