About Tokyo Touch Time

Welcome to Tokyo Touch Time! This is a COMPLETELY FREE Tokyo personal ads website that has been created for one purpose and one purpose only: TO CREATE A TOKYO PERSONAL CLASSIFIED ADS WEBSITE FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN TOKYO AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO MEET AND DATE, HOOK UP, OR JUST HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

I am an American living in Tokyo, working full-time, every single day. Due to the nature of my job, I cannot date anyone who I work with. And so, I did what anybody might do in my situation… turn to my friends here in Tokyo and ask them to match me with somebody. After several unsuccessful attempts at this, I then decided to go online and look at the various dating websites and see if I could find a match. No luck with this route either. All sites require you to fill out too much information, or require you to register “for free”, but then after you do, you find out that you literally can’t do anything but browse at people’s profiles. If you want to even message somebody a hello, in most cases, you have to pay something. And yeah… that didn’t feel right to me.

The same was true for dating apps. The apps used here in Japan aren’t exactly helpful to somebody like myself… you know… NOT JAPANESE. And these apps also require you, in most cases, to either spend a lot of money to engage with their users, or spend a lot of wasted time swiping pictures of people who are never going to talk to you.

I got really frustrated by all of this… and for the past year, I’ve been really lonely. I hadn’t dated anybody in a long time, actually, but really… I wanted somebody who could deal with my busy lifestyle. Somebody who maybe was busy as well and wanted to just meet up occasionally to watch movies, have sex, or even just lie in bed with me and listen to the rain. A little intimacy is fine with me, though I would not be opposed to finding somebody who could be “THE ONE.”

That got me thinking… do you remember when Craigslist had their personal section available? Before I lived in Japan, I used to visit Japan a lot. Every single time, I used Craigslist to meet up with girls in Japan and I never was disappointed. I met some pretty amazing girls who did pretty ridiculously fun things with me. I have very fond memories of those times. And it was easy too… people were more than happy to meet me on Craigslist for sex, or sometimes for dating.

When Craigslist caved in to the pressure put on them by the United States government, I started to examine WHY this happened, and I realized it was because the site got too big and too out of control and could not be regulated. People were being hurt and exploited using the Craigslist personals, simply because you couldn’t keep track of it all. Additionally, Craigslist did not really discourage things like prostitution on their site, or sex trafficking. Well… they SAID they did, but as a person who used the Craigslist personals for years and years… I can confidently say that the moderators on Craigslist did NOT do this at all. How could they? Millions of ads being placed every single day? Yeah… nobody could have kept up with the sheer volume of ads that appeared on Craigslist.

Well… this time, I felt if I kept the focus of this site to JUST Tokyo, and I have no intention of expanding to other cities in Japan…myself and the community that I hope to build around Tokyo Touch Time, we can do our best to discourage the bad part about dating sites online. And I also could bring back the joy of a completely free personals section. So I decided to make this site and put it out here in the wild and see how it goes. And I hope everybody will understand that my intentions are pretty good… I want people to hook up in this city and have fun. Tokyo can be the LONELIEST city on Earth sometimes, but there’s no reason it has to be anymore. I am tired of walking around, wishing I was a Nanpa king, but I don’t have the courage (or the time) to approach somebody on the street who I think is cute and just ask them out. And I remembered how when I would come to Japan and use the personals on Craigslist, I ALWAYS met women this way who were like me and also could not approach people on the street for the very same reasons as I had. And so… I want to give this a try. I hope you will too.

I’m not going to ask you for money, not now, not EVER. I do have some expenses to run this site, and if it gets to be pretty busy, I will have to hire staff eventually, but I’ll create a donation page for that. And I will trust my community here to help me when that time comes. For now, I want everybody to start posting and having fun. Just follow the rules, and this site is yours to meet people here in Tokyo to play with, to love, to enjoy, to have sex with, or anything else really that you want to do with them. I really do want people to connect on this site. I ALSO want to use this site to meet people! I miss being touched and having sex… and I yearn for it a lot these days. I miss having a relationship too… so… I will live what I’m asking all of you to do with this site, which is protect it, care for it, make it your own, and tell everybody about it who lives in Tokyo or wants to visit Tokyo. As long as we keep this site safe and free from all the illegal, nasty stuff, I’ll keep this site running. Fair enough?

Thank you for taking the time to read this message from me to you. And one final note: I’m 5’7, 170lbs, Blond hair and blue eyes, college educated, non-smoker, no drugs or STDS, and am looking for a Japanese girl who is shorter than me, really slim (I want to see your rib cage!), no STDS, speaks okay English (I can speak some Japanese so we’ll figure it out), and super friendly, and wants to have sex with somebody like me on a regular basis. So if that’s you, CONTACT ME!